Most bathrooms have either tiles or linoleum. There is a big difference in the two materials, most tiles are made from ceramic and the have that heavy feel to them and linoleum is light weight and fits snugly to the floor. When it comes to a choice on which set of materials you want for your bathroom, there are pros and cons of them both.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

One of the pros of having tiles is that they can come in any style and color you can think of. The other great thing about tile is that they can have a more of an appeasing look. Tiles give the room a whole new dynamic. You can color coordinate with the tiles with mats and shower curtains.

The cons about tiles are that if left really uncleaned for a long time the grout become filled with mold and mildew and before you know it you will be scrubbing the tiles with a toothbrush with a bleach cleaner product trying to remove the stains. As we mentioned that you can color code a room with the colored tiles, then you will always have to have keep the same color scheme unless you stay with white tiles then you need bleach to keep them clean, it is a win lose situation.

Linoleum Flooring

With linoleum, the cleaning is easy, all you have to use is a non wax floor cleaner and a mop. The linoleum is very easy to install, simply pull back the adhesive and place the squares carefully on the ground. But you have to make sure that there are no bubbles when you out the squares down. The maintenance is easy and the they are easy to install. Now the con of linoleum is after a long period of time , heavy traffic especially in the bathroom will stain the linoleum and you will not be able to get those marks out without a whole lot of elbow grease. Even then depending on the style of the linoleum it may not come out.

Linoleum also comes in designs, you can find solid color but it is not as popular as designs like Southwest or Mosaic. Linoleum takes a bit more work in order to keep clean in high traffic areas. Tiles do not become faded or discolored like linoleum. Tiles cost more money and you may need someone to install them in order for them to be installed flawlessly. You can also get heated tiles, linoleum does not become heated.

One of the best ways to sum up which is better, if you already have linoleum you can actually place ceramic tiles over linoleum once you have tiles you must remove them and go through a floor smoothing process in order to get level floor back again. But because floor is level with the linoleum already down the ceramic tiles will easily fit right over the square. Whether you choose one of the other you know what the pros and cons are.