One chore that most men are asked to do that they hate is to clean out the roof gutters. Each and every man you ask will have his own method of cleaning out these annoying yet helpful gutters. It is recommended that you clean the gutters out in the spring or beginning of summer and after the fall. Winter and fall seem to be times when the gutters get clogged the most.

Here are 10 easy ways to clean out the gutters.

1: There are some men that will grab a ladder and hook up the house and kind of wash out the gutters. They don’t really dig too deeply into the drains or the underside of the gutter. Just whatever floats out they clean out.

2: If you want to get a good cleaning of your gutters then you should rent a power washer. Not only will the power washer wash out the gutter but if there are any obstructions then the power washer will knock them loose.

3: To avoid more clean up you can try installing gutter guards. These guards are great for keeping out birds nests and some leaves but you still have to take out the gutters and clean any debris that may have fallen there.

4: There are some people that believe it or not don’t clean them out for months. Then they wonder why the drains are backing up and their roof starts to leak.

5: If is a good idea not to clean your gutters after a rain, the reason being that wet leaves will get stuck to the bottom and the sides of the gutters and when they dry they will still be a problem.

6: Some people take the easy way out and simply get a ladder and scoop and grab the leaves and debris with their hands. It is easy and very cheap. It may prove to be very ineffective but it is indeed easy.

7: Always use a ladder. Believe it or not everyone uses a ladder. They may get a hose and simply spray the gutters until debris and leaves start to fall out of them but by using a ladder you get to see what you are doing.

8: Another easy method is by using an air compressor, an air compressor will blow out leaves, sticks and obstructions in the gutter and in the drains. If you don’t own a compressor then simply rent one for the day.

9: It is very important when using any method we have listed above for cleaning that you check for any damage from the debris that has been in the gutters for months. Check for holes, leaks, loose or pitch problems.

10: Make sure that you keep a schedule of the last time that you performed this task and then if you do it on a regular basis then you won’t have so much work to do the next time.