How to Save Space in Your Kitchen

Who said a small kitchen cannot be sweet and stylish? Let’s have a look at a few gadgets for your small kitchen design:

Space-Saving Kitchen Suits:

The “Nobody” island is an ideal choice for your small kitchen. This modern Japanese design allows for two looks: close it for compact Yin and Yang that can be arranged to suit your space and open it up to entertain your guests (via

Nobody island

More examples of space-saving kitchen designs:

Compact yet complete Ritual Evolution kitchen:

Evolution kitchen

Alright Kitchen:

Alright Kitchen

A place saving dish rack has dual purpose: it stores your dishes and mugs and waters your plants! What’s more, this unit is environmentally friendly: it uses every bit of Nature resources and doesn’t waste water (via

Kitchen unit

Kitchen unit

Space-Saving Table Suits

Space-saving table suits are numerous, here are a couple of awesome examples:

The four chairs adjust to the cleared edges of the table, forming a compact block when it is not necessary (via

Space saving table suit

A lounging unit (via

Space saving table suit

Space-Saving Kitchen Gadgets

Space-saving magnetic coffee mugs: you can put them under the table or stick them together. Here are some creative ways her line of magnetic coffee cups can be used (via

Magnetic cups

Magnetic cups

More examples of space-saving kitchen gadgets:

Collapsible measuring cup allow for compact storage (via

Collapsible measuring cup

Another example of collapsible gadgets: Collapsible Collander (via

Collapsible Collander

Mixing bowl set: all the pieces nest together to save space (via

Mixing bowl set

Any more tips on how to make your small kitchen sweet and stylish? Share them!

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