If you have a wood deck the first thing you will want to do is weatherproof it. You want to protect from all elements; rain, snow and sun (and even the family dog).

Wood Decks

When you first get the deck built you should have it sealed at the beginning. You will need the following materials, a dust mask, a water hose, safety goggles, water, with deck cleaner in the bucket of water, belt sander and extra pieces of sandpaper, water proofing material like Thompson’s water seal and a broom.

Cleaning the Deck

Before you start the project make sure you have a day or so of no rain in the forecast, you will need at least 24 to 48 hours to let completely dry. Sweep the deck and get rid of all debris and sawdust anything you can visible see get rid of. You may want to wear socks or shoe coverings on your feet.

Sanding the Deck

Then using the deck sander and sand paper, get rid of all of the rough edges and make sure all of the deck is nice and smooth. When you do the sanding make sure you are wearing the mask and goggles.

Sealing the Deck

Then once everything is clean and smooth you may start to seal the deck. You can do this ways. You can use a paintbrush or roller or you can make it go a bit easier by using a paint sprayer. Using the sprayer you will get a nice even finish. Use the paintbrush for the underside of hand rails. If you do use a paint sprayer make sure that you have a covering on your lawn or concrete in order to protect everything besides the deck. When you apply sealant it should not affect the color of the deck if you have already painted or if you are intending to paint.

Staining the Deck

Then you can use a stain on the deck if you want to enhance the wooden look. After you paint you can reseal to protect the paint or the stain. You probably have paid a lot of money in that deck so you want to make sure you painted, stained and waterproofed properly. Then you want to stay off of the deck for 48 hours to make sure that all that work that you just did was for nothing. Keep pets and kids off of the deck until it has dried completely.

Weatherproofing the Deck

There are plenty of sealants that you can choose, visit your local hardware store and ask what they recommend. If you have a big deck and don’t have a paint sprayer then you should ask some friends to help. The job will get done much faster if you have help. The reason why you weatherproof a deck is to protect the wood from the snow, ice, sun and heat. When wood sits in the sun for a long, long period of time the wood may warp and if the wood is left to sit in water for a long period of time the wood may weaken over many years and may need to be replaced.